Australia’s Environment in 2016

Presented by ANU College of Health & Medicine

You are cordially invited to this briefing, which will review the state of Australia’s natural resources, landscapes and ecosystems in 2016. A national-scale overview will be provided, discussing changes in land cover, forest cover, bushfire, water availability, landscape health, carbon storage, and rivers and wetlands. The briefing draws on a variety of existing and new environmental information derived from up to date satellite remote sensing and on-ground monitoring. We will discuss key events as well as general patterns, and summarise them into an environmental scorecard for each state and territory.

The briefing draws on the accompanying ‘Australia’s Environment’ website (, released last year and upgraded annually. The information can be accessed as interactive maps and as environmental accounts and graphs. Data can be examined by region and land cover type, to be compared to preceding years, or downloaded for further analysis.

Australia’s Environment was developed by ANU’s Water and Landscape Dynamics group with support from the Australian Research Council, Bureau of Meteorology, National Computational Infrastructure, Australian Bureau of Statistics, CSIRO, Geoscience Australia, TERN AusCover, NASA, and others.

About the speakers

Professor Albert van Dijk and Dr David Summers are with the Water and Landscape Dynamics group of the Fenner School of Environment & Society. They develop new technologies and methods to monitor, quantify and forecast natural resources, natural hazards, and environmental condition; often by combining satellite and field observations through innovative model-data fusion approaches.

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