Art Forum: James Lieutenant & Kate Vassallo

Join artists James Lieutenant and Kate Vasallo as they discuss their installation, Mistints.

Mistint paint is that which has been incorrectly mixed by a paint store and is consequently useless for its intended purpose. However, for Canberra-based artistic collaborators, James Lieutenant and Kate Vassallo, mistint paint is an abject material with inherent potential. The Mistints project has been conceived at CMAG in response to the building’s architecture and civic environment. The site-responsive nature of this project and its use of unique paint colours, which have been sourced from local stores around Canberra, results in a work of art which can never be repeated.

Graduates of the ANU School of Art, James Lieutenant and Kate Vassallo are a collaborative duo working across Canberra and Sydney. While they also each make artwork separately, the focus of their collaborative projects is a homage to past art movements. While sampling elements of past works, they are also keenly aware of placing these ideas into the hybrid ‘contemporary art’ context. Their current focus is on Minimalism, Op Art, Pop and Abstraction.