ANU Foundation Day

To mark our 71st anniversary the community is invited to come together to enjoy a campus-wide scavenger hunt as well as some free food, giant games and fun festivities.

The Scavenger Hunt begins at 11am. Food and drink will be served from 12pm with most dietary requirements catered for. 

Scavenger Hunt prizes 

First place - $250 University House Voucher

Second place - $150 University House Voucher

Third place - $50 University House Voucher

Scavenger Hunt need to know

  • Meet at the registration desk on Fellows Oval by 10.50am to receive your clue passport
  • The Scavenger Hunt will begin promptly at 11am.
  • There will be a representative in an ANU shirt stationed at the site of clue. Go over and say hello and they will stamp your passport.
  • The first team back with stamps for all nine clues, wins.
  • Your team can be made up of as many members as you like, but there is only one passport per team and you have to share the prizes.
  • Make sure you have a campus map, the clue trail follows a fairly linear path so you shouldn't have to double back.
  • Make sure you have a copy of the ANU Sculpture Trail. This will help you with some of the tougher clues. 
  • Keep an eye on the latest editions of On Campus as they may contain some clues too.
  • Walk, riding, rollerblading etc is allowed, cars are not.