ANU Choral Society presents Haydn's The Creation

The ANU Choral Society is presenting Haydn's The Creation. Leonard Weiss is conducting and the soloists for the performance are Rachael Duncan (soprano), Charles Hudson (tenor) and David Greco (baritone).

The three sources of the text of The Creation are Genesis, the Biblical book of Psalms and John Milton’s Genesis epic A Paradise Lost. The oratorio is structured in three parts. The first deals with the creation of light, of heaven and earth, of the sun and moon, of the land and water, and of plants. The second treats the creation of the animals, and of man and woman. The three soloists represent the archangels Gabriel (soprano), Uriel (tenor) and Raphael (baritone), with the chorus fulfilling an important role portraying angels glorifying their maker. The final part describes Adam and Eve (baritone and soprano) during their happy time in the Garden of Eden, portraying an idealized love in harmony with the "new world". Soloists and choir combine for the final uplifting chorus of praise.

Haydn wrote two versions of the oratorio – one in German, one in English – and he created slightly different melodic lines to fit the different inflections, stresses, syntax and rhythms of the two languages. SCUNA will be performing The Creation in English.

Tickets can be purchased online at or at the door. Adults: $30, Concession/Friends of Wesley Music Centre: $25.

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