Adventures with Rosie: monitoring Rosenberg’s Monitor on Mt Ainslie 2013-2016

Presented by ANU College of Health & Medicine

Rosenberg's monitor is a large goanna that is rarely seen in the ACT. It is listed as a threatened species in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. This presentation looks at these beautiful reptiles in an ACT context, focusing on a project that recorded key activities of the monitors on Mt Ainslie in central Canberra. The project was a partnership between Matthew Higgins and ACT Government Senior Ecologist Don Fletcher. Rosenbergs lay their eggs in termite mounds and Matthew took what are probably the first ever photographs of egg-laying and hatching in the Territory and a good distance beyond. The project also recorded other characteristic behaviours of the goannas and received strong media coverage at the time. It is hoped that the project and this presentation will advance community education about Rosenberg's Monitor and assist conservation of the species.

About the speaker

Matthew is a Canberra historian who has worked at many of our national cultural institutions. His recent book Rugged beyond imagination: stories from an Australian mountain region, was shortlisted for the ACT Book of the Year Award, and he has been writing articles in The Canberra Times for over 30 years. His still photography has been broadcast on ABC television and his short nature documentaries have been seen at film festivals around Australia. Matthew is passionate about the high country, and he bushwalks and cross-country skis as often as opportunity permits.