A Digital Mind - Revenue Resilience in the Higher Education Sector

Dr Michael Rosemann of Queensland University of Technology will attend ANU on Tuesday 17 February to deliver a presentation on ‘Digital Minds'.

Dr Rosemann is Professor and Head of the Information Systems School at Queensland University of Technology. Dr. Rosemann is a frequent keynote speaker at academic and commercial conferences including global Gartner conferences, the Australian Summits of CIOs and CFOs and QuestNet 2014.

Dr Rosemann is a disruptive thinker with a passion for foresight innovation, process design and research management. His work is focused on creating exciting future worlds with today’s possibilities making current practices obsolete.

A Digital Mind –
Revenue Resilience in the Higher Education Sector
The shift from the age of automation to the age of digitisation requires an increased focus on revenue resilience as opposed to pure cost resilience. The higher education sector is in this respect not different to most sectors. This presentation will introduce new approaches for how to assess and improve revenue resilience in a dual world, i.e. where physical and dual experiences coexist. Seven traits of a digital mind are proposed as a way to protect current and to grow new revenue streams. Case studies from within higher education and beyond will be used to exemplify the thinking patterns of revenue resilient organisations.

Event Details
Date: Tuesday 17 February
Time: 11am – 12pm
Venue: Finkel Lecture Theatre, John Curtain School of Medical Research
Presenter: Dr. Michael Rosemann, QUT – A Digital Mind