2017 Narayanan Oration: India – A resurgent maritime nation, harnessing the blue economy

Presented by ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

The Indian Ocean has recently emerged as the world’s focus in the maritime domain and is a global economic highway. India sits astride busy sea lines of communications which transit across the Indian Ocean. India has a long coastline of 7,516 kms, over 1,300 islands and islets and an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of over two million sq. kms. India has 12 major ports and over 200 minor and intermediate ports and 90 per cent of India’s trade by volume transits by sea. India has a vibrant shipbuilding industry, a thriving fishing industry, offshore oil and gas interests and deep seabed mining areas in the central Indian Ocean.

Thus, India has vast maritime interests. These comprise the enablers of blue economy, which need to be harnessed by efficient utilisation of marine resources without hurting the environment. This oration will highlight the role of the Indian Navy in furthering peace and stability in the region as well harnessing the forces of India’s blue economy.