7. Outcomes of World War I: the Tragic Path to World War II

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A. Germany's Alleged 'Total War Guilt' and Punishment

(a) The Versailles Treaty Provisions
(b) And Lloyd George’s Crisis: Re-election?

B. More Spoils of War: Disposing of Other's Lands

(a) The League’s Pledge for Self Determination Betrayed.
(b) A Case History: Dismembering the Ottoman Empire

C. Betraying the Versailles Commitment to Universal Arms Limitation

(a) The Versailles Treaty and its League Covenant
(b) The United States and Naval Agreements
(c) New Hope: Strong Public Support for Arms Limitation
(d) The Great Depression, a New British, &Japan Invades China
(e) The First World Disarmament Conference, 1932-1933
(f) US Presidential Initiative - the Hoover Plan
(g) Final Efforts to Save Conference - and Stop a Nazi Take-Over

D. Sources

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