10. The Cold War, 'French' Indochina, & the Vietnam Wars

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A. The Vietnam Wars’ Cold War Origins- Supporting France

(a) Supporting France’s Colonialism
(b) Betraying the Atlantic and United Nations Charters
(c) US Military Support for France
(d) French Defeat at Dien Bien Phu & the Geneva Accord

B. Replacing the French

(a) Side-lining Geneva Accord, US replaces France
(b) Driven by Dogma, - Military Escalation
(c) J.K.Galbraith (and others) warn J.F.K
(d) Kennedy gone; Johnson also ‘bows to the Right’
(e) UN Conciliation Rejected, Bombs instead
(f) Ambassador George Kennan (and others) cry shame…
(g) …but bombing further escalated
(h) National/Personal Pride prevail
(I) Lack of S.E.Asian Support (or even interest) continues
(j) Johnson leaves; ‘Peace Candidate’ Nixon Bombs and invades Cambodia
(k) Daniel Ellsberg; and Rising Public Disgust
(l) Final lose-lose Outcomes

C. Australia’s Self-imposed Involvement in the Vietnam War: 1964-1971

(a) Menzies aiming at US Support, ‘in case of need’…
(b)…encourages stronger US bombing
(c) Were we Dinkum,? Was Australia Threatened?!

D. Sources

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