The Dirty Politics of Climate Change

08 May 2007

Clive Hamilton

Executive Director, Australia Institute

2007 may be the year in which climate change has hit the headlines and the environment has become the political issue, but how much do we know really know about the backroom deals, lobbying and power players who influence environmental policy? Why have our political leaders been so slow to act? Which are the fossil-fuel lobby groups that still set the policy agenda?

In this lecture Clive Hamilton, best-selling author of Scorcher, the Dirty Politics of Climate Change , reveals the real influences on the politics of climate change in Australia.

Broad Topics: Arts and Social Sciences

Sub-topics: Environment, Policy & Political Science

Areas: ANU College of Science



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Clive Hamilton

Clive Hamilton is the executive director of the Australia Institute, an independent think-tank based at ANU. He is a leading authority on the economics and politics of climate change. His books include the bestsellers Growth Fetish , Affluenza (as co-author), What’s Left? (Quarterly Essay 21) and Silencing Dissent (as co-editor and contributor).

Part of the 2007 Toyota-ANU Public Lecture Series

Part of the 2007 Toyota-ANU Public Lecture Series