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Journeys and Justice

Film screening and discussions

* WARNING * People attending this session are respectfully advised that one or more of the following films contain images and/or voices of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander individuals who are now deceased.

Films Speakers

excerpts from Link-Up Diary

The Link-Up Car : Peter Read and David MacDougall

Peter Read is a Professor with the National Centre for Indigenous Studies, ANU. He is an historian and author of several books including the award-winning Belonging and Charles Perkins A Biography. He has been heavily involved in the Link-Up and Bringing Them Home projects.

David MacDougall is an ethnographic filmmaker, scholar, and writer on cinema, the social sciences, and education. He is an ARC Professorial Fellow at the CCR, ANU.

David Ngoombujarra playing Shane Francis


A short film by Richard Frankland, Indigenous writer/director

_Another night and I_m somewhere between Swan Hill and Melbourne.
Its late, maybe sometime just before midnight. My mind is drifting between thoughts of the past and the road.
Shane Francis - NO WAY TO FORGET

"NO WAY TO FORGET is a short film about my experiences as a Field Officer/ Investigation during the 1988 Royal Commission Into Aboriginal Deaths In Custody. It tells the fictional story of Shane Francis, a young koorie who has seen too much death and pain as he liaises with the families investigating deaths and preparing cases for hearings. NO WAY TO FORGET is a journey into a side of Aboriginal Australia that has not been told, understood or accepted by many non Indigenous Australians."

Richard Frankland is one of Australia's most experienced Indigenous singer/song writer filmakers. Born on the coast in South-West Victoria, Richard has worked as a soldier, fisherman, and Field Officer during the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. His work on the Royal Commission lead to his appearance in the award winning Australian documentary Who Killed Malcolm Smith.

In 1993 Richard co-wrote and directed his first documentary with John Foss titled SONGLINES. That same year they formed GOLDEN SEAHORSE PRODUCTIONS. Since then Richard has written, directed and produced a wide range of video, documentary and film projects including the award winning Who Killed Malcolm Smith, No Way To Forget, After Mabo and Harry's War.










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