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RUTH WATSON has had over 20 solo exhibitions since her first Wellington show in 1987. She has exhibited in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the United State. Shows have included the 1996 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam / City Gallery, Wellington exhibition "The world over / De Wereld Bollen", 1997's Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney exhibition "Between art and Nature" and the 2004 Asia Society, New York exhibition "Paradise Now? contemporary art from the Pacific". She is a doctoral candidate at the Australian National University, writing a dissertation on cordiform (heart-shaped) maps of the sixteenth century. She is currently living in Canberra.

Ruth's work in <abstractions> was curated by Gordon Bull.


Ruth Watson creating L'Origine du Monde


Ruth Watson's essay for <abstractions>
(pdf 25Kb)

video of L'Origine du Monde at the <abstractions> opening

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