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JULIE GOUGH is a Tasmanian Aboriginal visual artist and a curator of Indigenous Art at the National Gallery of Victoria. Julie's art and research practice involves uncovering and re-presenting historical stories as part of an ongoing project that questions and re-evaluates the impact of the past on our present lives. Her work is concerned with developing a visual language to express and engage with conflicting and subsumed histories. Julie's intention is to invite a viewer to a closer understanding of our continuing roles in, and proximity to unresolved national stories. Julie's work in <abstractions> focussed on the subsurface connections across generations between cultural and personal memory and responsibilities.

Julie Gough has previously been employed as a lecturer in Aboriginal studies at the University of Tasmania and as an Interpretation Officer, Aboriginal Culture at the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service. Julie has undertaken artist residencies in Tasmania, New York, London, Paris and Mauritius and was awarded a PhD from the University of Tasmania in 2001 (Transforming Histories: the visual disclosure of contentious pasts, 2000), MFA from the University of London, 1998, BFA 1st class Honours (University of Tasmania 1994), BVA (Curtin University, 1993) and BA (Prehistory and English Literature, UWA, 1986).

Julie's works in <abstractions> were curated by Nigel Lendon.

Julie Gough with her work Stronghold


Julie's essay for <abstractions> ( pdf 47Kb)
Julie's CV (pdf 44Kb)
video of Julie's work at the <abstractions> opening
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