Principled negotiation: Creating sustainable agreements

Further development of essential workplace skills for APS employees at all levels.

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Marlene Le Brun 19 September Tuesday 9am - 5pm 1 day $695   Enrolments closed

The ability to negotiate well plays a critical role in all aspects of our lives. We negotiate every day, whether we are aware of it or not. Effective negotiation can positively affect our work and our relationships, or it can destroy them. Often parties take positions that make achieving agreeable outcomes difficult, if not impossible.  By learning about and adopting a principled approach to negotiation we can fashion win-win outcomes that are wise, efficient, and designed to maintain relationships.

Course outline

  • Negotiating win-win outcomes: why negotiation is important and commonplace but difficult to put into practise
  • Your negotiating style
  • Introducing principled negotiation
  • Breaking down the process: the method, step-by-step
  • Applying the method and finalising the agreement
  • Achieving confidence in conducting principled negotiations
  • Translating what you have learned into your working world: pitfalls and promises

Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • explain why effective negotiating skills are important
  • better identify your negotiating style
  • discuss what principled negotiation is and why it is a central skill today
  • describe the steps involved in a principled negotiation
  • develop your abilities to analyse, plan and conduct principled negotiations using the method introduced
  • conduct a basic principled negotiation
  • finalise a satisfactory agreement
  • outline some of the barriers to effective negotiations and how to overcome them

Who should enrol

This course is designed for people who wish to learn about a principled, win-win approach to negotiation whether for use in their workplace or in their private lives. Negotiation role plays will be tailored to the interests of participants wherever possible from participant responses to a short pre-course questionnaire.


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