Intermediate Spanish 2

Intermediate Spanish 2 is designed for those who have successfully completed Intermediate Spanish 1, or equivalent. In this course you will continue to expand your previous knowledge and develop inter-cultural awareness.

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Teacher Date Day Time Sessions Fee Enrol
Ruben Ramirez 18 July Tuesday 6-8pm 9 $335 Enrolments closed

Course outline

Each week you will be learn new vocabulary while participating in communicative activities and readings.

  • Week 1: you will focus on the imperfect tense of'ir + a + infinitive
  • Week 2: you will learn to describe what you have done including the present perfect
  • Week 3: you will be introduced to how to express by destination and time: por and para
  • Week 4: you will work on expressing reactions including verbs like gustar as well as giving instructions and polite commands
  • Week 5: you will focus on softening commands including the present subjunctive following querer
  • Week 6: you will begin work on future and present subjunctive of irregular verbs
  • Week 7: you will continue work on talking about past actions in progress imperfect progressive
  • Week 8: you will learn to say what was happening including the imperfect contrast to the preterite
  • Week 9: you will learn how to describe actions: adverbs
  • Week 10: you will focus on using exclamations with ¡Qué…! Cuánto/a/os/as…!

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • participate in a basic conversation
  • provide basic personal information
  • demonstrate understanding of a written information text
  • give basic spoken information about people and places
  • give basic spoken information about specific needs
  • demonstrate understanding of basic spoken information
  • complete a form
  • write a short message
  • follow basic directions.

Who should enrol

.This course is designed for those who have completed Intermediate Spanish 1 or approximately 80 hours of equivalent study.

Course materials

  • Textbook: Nuevo Español en Marcha 1: Spanish Course with Online Access. Student’s Book. Castro Viudez, Francisca et al. SGEL-Educación, Madrid, 2015.
  • Workbook: Nuevo Español en Marcha 1: Spanish Course with Online Access. Workbook. Castro Viudez, Francisca et al. SGEL-Educación: Madrid, 2015.

These materials can be purchased from the ANU Coop bookstore or through a reputable online bookstore.