Beginning Japanese 1

Beginning Japanese 1 is designed to provide knowledge and the necessary skills to develop Japanese language skills for beginners, and to establish a basis for further study of the language and culture. Basic travel Japanese is also covered.

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Teacher Date Day Time Sessions Fee Enrol
  11 October Wednesday 6-8pm 9 $335 Enrolments closed

Course outline

  • Topic 1: konnichiwa! You will be introduced to Japanese writing characters - hiragana and some kanji - while learning basic greetings, how to introduce yourself and how to write and pronounce your name in Japanese
  • Topic 2: ichi, ni, san: The focus will be on numbers including how to ask and tell your age, learning about dates and important calendar events and learning about key Japanese holidays
  • Topic 3: kyou wa getsu youbi desu: You will extend your number skills to learning the days of the week, telling the time and asking about bus and train schedules
  • Topic 4: nihongo ga hanasemasu: There will be a focus on how to be a tourist in Japan including the phrase ‘How do you say “...” in Japanese?’. You will also learn about colours and origami.
  • Lesson 5: watashi wa oosutoraria jin desu: The focus will be on the weather and places including: asking about nationalities and addresses, and how what the weather will be so that you can go skiing in Japan!
  • Topic 6: toire wa doko desu ka? You will learn about Japanese geography and locating items including asking for and giving directions.
  • Topic 7: sensei wa kawaii desu: This lesson will be focussed on adjectives and describing objects and people.
  • Topic 8: biiru wo kudasai! You will be introduced to eating at a restaurant and Japanese eating manners.
  • Topic 9: ji ni okimasu: You will focussing on daily verbs (masu-form of verbs)
  • Topic 10: ikura desu ka? Following further work on daily verbs, you will then learn how to visit Japanese people in their homes and about shopping in Japan

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, students should:

  • have a fundamental understanding of everyday Japanese.
  • have a basic understanding of grammatical patterns, Japanese characters, and a range of everyday vocabulary

Who should enrol

This course is suitable for those who have never studied, or have a very limited understanding of the Japanese language.

Course Materials

Japanese IIPAI – ISBN 978-4-89476-449-1. This textbook may be purchased from the ANU Coop bookstore.

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