English grammar

This course covers the main features of grammar, parts of speech, phrases, clauses and sentences, focusing on their practical application in speech and writing. Spelling, punctuation and usage are also covered.

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Celia Hodgson 19 July Wednesday 6-8pm 9 $335 Enrolments closed

Course Outline

English grammar is a lively and accessible course for adult students who wish to learn about grammar in theory and practice or to refresh or hone their skills. The course looks at how language works, covering the main features of grammar from parts of speech to phrases, clauses, and sentences. It also covers spelling, punctuation and usage. A focus of the course is the practical application of grammar in speech and writing. Modern usage and expression is one strand that generates much discussion, debate and dispute!

Suggested reading will be advised regularly. Exercises on each section of the course will be completed in class and at home. You are encouraged to raise any specific questions that they may have to do with grammar, spelling, punctuation or usage. Your own contributions, particularly if you speak or know another language, are a valuable part of the course. Equally important are your experiences of spoken and written practice in the workplace since these demonstrate grammar in action.

Students of English grammar find it enjoyable because everyone has experience of, and often strong opinions about, grammar and language. The course also gives you an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and understanding of one of the fundamentals to being a good speaker and writer.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you should:

Who should enrol

English grammar is recommended for everyone who has an interest in understanding how the English language works.

Please note that this course may not be suitable for ESL students. Please consult the teacher beforehand.

Course Materials

There is no set text for the course, although a wide and diverse range of print, audio and electronic media sources are used to add interest and point to the content.


Celia has degrees in English, languages and art history. She was an English and language teacher for more than 20 years to college students as well as to adults in Australia and overseas. Since 2003 she has presented courses in English grammar and writing skills for CCE as well as coaching private students in both areas. Celia has also worked as a proofreader in a government department and works for the ANU and privately.