Critical thinking

The greatest minds are critical thinkers. Test your thinking skills and learn the strategies of critical thinking. By identifying and evaluating arguments and applying imaginative problem-solving you can build basic scientific reasoning for everyday life.

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Gordana Platisa 6 February Monday 6-8pm 6 $260 Join our mailing list.

Course outline

The course would be delivered in the form of presentations and workshops and would be practical in the approach to improving critical thinking skills. First part of the course would focus on identifying arguments and recognizing what is really offered as an argument. This would include training in identifying missing premises/assumptions, the invisible sections of arguments. Second part of the course would deal with argument evaluation through a wide variety of sources and current issues debated in the media and in popular culture. Sources would vary from newspaper articles to examples in literature and philosophy.  Last part of the course would tackle scientific reasoning/evidence based decision making and mind experiments.

Learning outcomes

With the help of this course the students will learn how to better use their critical thinking skills as well as unlearn some of the bad thinking habits. They will be able to identify what is really being presented to them in academic context, in professional context as well as in the everyday situations that require problem solving and imaginative thinking.  This course can help enhance general understanding of the crucial issues of our times as well as enable students to have much more enjoyment and pleasure in getting closer to the truth.

Who should enrol

Those with an interest in developing their thinking powers.

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