Learning guitar for fun

Learning guitar for fun will have you playing basic songs by the end of the first lesson and many of the standards within a few weeks. Covering a wide range of material, this course allows you to enjoy the guitar in a fun and easy learning style.

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Course outline

  • Week 1: Introducing you to the structure of a guitar followed by how to string a guitar and to tune one, using a tuner rather than ear. You will learn how to hold a guitar seating, and to basic strum the first two chords used in some songs.
  • Week 2: After a recap you will learn more strumming techniques. You will then be introduced to the fret board notes, a couple more chords and play more songs.
  • Week 3: You will discover what makes different styles of music different (blues, rock, country, jazz, ballads) and how that affects playing styles. You will then learn how chords get their name (the root notes). Following this, you will learn about capo - what is it for, why, and how to use it - referring back to and developing in association to the fretboard notes diagram A.
  • Week 4: A look at what are bar-chords and power-chords and learning basic picking and adding the 4th and suspending a note.
  • Week 5: Learn what is a hammer on and a pull off and other little tricks to be aware of as well as other picking patterns to try.
  • Week 6: You will learn about chord charts of popular songs and how to understand them as well as how to make any song simplified so that you can be play.
  • Week 7: You will look at how the internet can be used to find songs and chord charts. Learn what you need to know about lead guitar playing. Playing a group song will also be discussed.
  • Week 8: You will learn how to combine a lead with chords. the class will play a group song.

Learning outcomes

By the end, students should know:

  • the basics of a guitar
  • different sorts of guitars
  • how to hold one and play it
  • how to tune a guitar (using a tuner)
  • a couple of basic strumming and 1-2 picking techniques

Students will gain an appreciation of artistic expression through music and its performance in front of others.

Course materialsl

Bring your own guitar

Who should enrol

This course is open to anyone with an interest in music.

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