A Celtic myth: The history and heritage of Ireland

Concentrating on its archaeology, discover the heritage and development of Irish culture from the prehistoric period through to the 16th century. Examine a range of sites - from megalithic tombs and ring forts through the introduction of Christianity and its many monasteries, to the invasions of the Vikings, Normans and Cromwell’s armies.  Question the role of the ‘Celts’ in the development of Irish Culture and discuss whether the Celtic myths are merely that – pure myth - with the Irish developing their own identity which originates in the distant past and did not rely on the arrival of people from central Europe to create the image that is so commonly displayed today.

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Course outline

Week 1.  The First Settlers and Early Farmers
When did the first people inhabit Ireland?  We will discuss the arrival of the first settlers, hunters and gatherers, and how they developed into simple farming yet were capable of building massive megalithic monuments.  These monuments are common across Ireland and famous throughout the world – Newgrange, Knowth, the Hill of Tara and Carrowmore are just a few of the sites we will visit during this discussion.

Week 2. The Arrival of Metals and the Impact of Trade
From stone age beginnings, the Irish quickly adapted to the use of metals and their metalworkers were able to produce some of the most beautiful pieces of art from this period – around 3,000 years ago.  We will examine the archaeological evidence and see how these people once lived.

Week 3.  The Introduction of Christianity
St Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, is credited with this achievement however Christian missionaries were present well before his birth.  This session will examine the evidence of early Christianity and discuss how it changed the course of Irish history.

Week 4.  Invaders from Abroad. From its distant past to more recent history, the Irish have been at war with one another as well as from enemies from abroad.  We will look at how the ‘invaders’ impacted on Irish culture and where its impact can still be seen today - these include the Vikings, Normans and the British.

Who should enrol

Anyone who enjoys archaeology or history.

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