The aim of this proposal is the collation, archiving and retrieval of digital resources on both Indigenous and scientific knowledge of the western Arnhem Land Plateau. The necessity for this project has arisen from the multi-disciplinary work that has been conducted over the past several years in the sandstone country of western Arnhem Land. However, the outcomes of the project will have direct potential for application to research and land management of a far wider area.
Specifically, the aims are twofold:
1. To investigate and test procedures, processes and standards by which digital resources in all media derived from a very remote part of Australia can be archived within the digital storage facilities at the Australian National University. These include the ANU Digital Repository and the ANU Super-computing Facility (ANUSF).
2. To determine and develop the tools and interfaces best suited to the retrieval and representation of this data for wide-ranging research use and access by remote communities.