Creating a new site with Rapidweaver
I visited the Apple retail outlet on the ANU campus to try out the new Intel powered Macs and I put iWeb through its paces.
Its an impressive piece of software on the face of it, but it doesn't appear to offer many options for customizing the output.
Or to be more correct, it offers lots of options but they are all provided by Apple and are tightly linked into .Mac.
Anyway, I put the search string 'iWeb customization' into into Google and didn't find much information. There was one complaint about iWeb's lack of openness and it mentioned Rapidweaver. I took a look at the sight and was impressed almost straight away with it advertised features.
Back at the office, I downloaded the software and was able to start building a web site in minutes. Clearly the designers and coders of Rapidweaver know there stuff. Its very easy to use and the site templates are very attractive. And compared to using Dreamweaver of Golive it is so much easier for end users.