Mentoring: Burton and Garran Hall

Burton and Garran Hall has a number of opportunities for alumni to remain involved in the community.

Burton and Garran Alumni Mentoring Program

A current resident is matched to an alumnus based on certain criteria (degree, location or career interest) through an initial introductory email. From there, they build a mentor-mentee relationship. The alumni mentors can be an important source of career guidance, encouragement during the academic program, advice on important course and fieldwork and provide opportunities to expose mentees to the professional world. (Suggested topics of discussion will be provided to help spur conversation).
Time commitment: One year, commitment varies depending on agreement between mentor and mentee (e.g. weekly e-mails, monthly meetings in person or via Skype, etc.).

Redback Stories

Alumni are invited to contribute to Redback Stories, a written publication that shares the experiences, stories and advice of alumni with the Burton and Garran student community. Content may include Burton and Garran experiences during the time you were a resident, your current stage in life, how the experiences at Burton and Garran Hall shaped your life, and general advice for current residents. The theme of this segment would be very informal - so do not hesitate in telling us about the amusing stories from your time here. Also, feel free to include pictures from your time at Burton and Garran Hall.
Time commitment: One written contribution.

Workplace Tours

Seeking Canberra based alumni to invite current residents to provide a tour of their workplace and given an insight into life in a professional workplace environment. The duration and extent of these tours is completely subject to the timetable and availability of alumni.
Time commitment: Variable between 2-5 hours, including planning.

Speaker Events

Burton and Garran Hall host multiple speaker events throughout the year. Alumni are invited to return to Burton and Garran Hall and give a talk or presentation on matters relating to their field or on entering the workforce.
Time commitment: One hour.

If you would like to be involved in any these programs please register your interest by email or by contacting the Burton and Garran Hall Alumni Engagement Promoter by telephone + 61 2 6184 0000.

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