As a graduate of ANU, you form part of a life-long network of great minds who are enthusiastic about sharing their expertise, wisdom and advice.

 As part of the ANU alumni community, you can get involved by:

  • Giving career or city-specific advice to a newly arrived graduate in your city.
  • Volunteering to set-up and run a mentoring program in your local area.
  • Becoming a mentor or a mentee through the ANU Alumni Mentoring Program.

I am writing to invite you, our alumni community, to participate in the 2016 Alumni Mentoring Program - a fantastic way to share your career experiences with other exceptional ANU alumni.

Apply here ANU Alumni Online Community and make a real difference!

Alumni Mentoring Program

The mentoring program focuses on career development and work/life balance. As an alumni mentor you have a unique opportunity to support alumni by guiding them, through discussion, on career goals, the availability of networks and workplace dynamics.

Taking part in the University's Alumni Mentor Program helps to strengthen the future of ANU and gives you the opportunity to contribute, by sharing your skills, wisdom, advice and knowledge with fellow alumni who can benefit from your generosity.

The program allows for flexibility by facilitating mentoring online, face-to-face or via Skype.

Alumni Mentoring Program Snapshot

  • Focus: work/life mentoring, all ages and cross disciplinary.
  • Time Commitment: minimum 5 hours in 5 months (July to November).
  • Format: Online, Face-to-Face, Skype.
  • Location: mutually convenient arrangement.
  • Number of positions: 50 mentors and a maximum of 60 mentees.
  • Mentor Requirements: Minimum of one year work experience in your chosen field of mentoring.

All applicants must have an ANU Alumni Online Community account to access the application forms.

Alumni Mentoring Program

  • Open to alumni of any age, any industry and any location.
  • Opportunity to self-match mentor/mentee relationship.
  • Opportunities for domestic and internationally based alumni.
  • One on one mentor/mentee relationship.
  • Online mentor training for all participants.

Benefits to Mentors

  • The ability to pass on your experience as an employer or employee.
  • An opportunity to use your communication & leadership skills and career knowledge.
  • The satisfaction of helping other alumni enhance their career development strategies.
  • A new perspective on your professional and personal experiences.
  • Networking with fellow alumni.
  • Opportunities to stay connected with ANU community.

Benefits to Mentees

  • An expert's view of your prospective professional lifestyle and work environment.
  • Independent advice about your expectations, career plan and strengths and weaknesses.
  • Support and encouragement from someone who has gone through similar experiences. 
  • Support and encouragement to develop good work/life balance and enhance your career strategies.
  • Network with fellow alumni.
  • Opportunities to stay connected with ANU community.


In person, online, via skype or other arranged communication platforms

Time Commitment for mentor and mentee

Minimum 5 hours over 5 months



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