World Alumni Forum

IARU World Alumni Forum is an event especially for the alumni of universities belonging to the alliance of 10 leading international research-intensive universities, IARU, organized by the IARU Alumni Associations Community, and hosted by the Alumni Office of the University of Tokyo. The forum consists of keynote speeches and a series of panel discussions, inviting world-famous leaders as speakers from academia, industry and politics who are alumni of IARU-member universities.

Experts in a variety of fields will discuss what can be learned from the recent situation of Japan: the issues, concerns and competences from a variety of perspectives. The discussion will be elevated to depict Japan's original contribution to the world, as well as the global implication of Japanese initiative for a development of world innovation. With the leaders of some of the world's best universities, we will consider the role of the university across these disciplines and how we must educate and cultivate leadership.

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