Education portfolio operational plan

Published 2012

A key goal of ANU by 2020 is that the University will be known for educational excellence.

Educational excellence means the provision of high-quality curriculum and approaches to learning and teaching. But it also means leadership in developing distinctive approaches to education that transform the lives of individuals and communities.

This plan outlines how three major, distinctive expressions of ANU educational excellence might be achieved in a connectedmodel of education. The starting point for these expressions of excellence is pre-existing University expertise in:

  • double degrees
  • research-led education
  • online education

Other universities have engaged in activities under these headings. The aim is not for ANU to be incrementally better, but to epitomise educational innovation in transforming national and global understandings of them into an ambitious model of education. In each case, that transformation follows from challenging the boundaries that others might construct between the inside and outside of curriculum; research and education; high school and university; undergraduate and graduate education; education and further study and work; and the local, the national and the global.

In short, the University's educational model reasserts the value of connection. This is whats hould be expected of an institution that others look at to learn, to teach, and to research.

The success of these initiatives will be measured not only by reference to key performance indicators outlined in ANU by 2020, but also by the extent to which ANU is recognised for its educational achievements.

Marnie Hughes-Warrington
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
June 2012

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