Campus Master Plan

Published 2010

The Australian National University is preparing a Campus Master Plan by 2030 to guide development of its Acton campus through to the year 2030 and beyond.

The Campus Master Plan by 2030 is a long-range, comprehensive plan intended to guide the physical growth and development of the University's Acton campus. It will consider all aspects of land use and their relationships to relevant services and stakeholders.

The primary purpose of the Campus Master Plan by 2030 is to transform the campus into a place that attracts, delights and inspires people to perform at the very highest standards.

Campus Master Plan by 2030 seeks to maintain and improve the function and character of the University and to improve connection and circulation on the campus. The diversity of the landscape will be enhanced; new buildings will strengthen the campus structure and positively contribute to the social and academic life of the campus.

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