Professor Archie Clements

ANU College of Health & Medicine

I am the Director of the Research School of Population Health, which is a multidisciplinary school with academics from the social sciences (sociologists, anthropologists, economists), quantitative health sciences (epidemiologists, biostatisticians), and clinical sciences (medicine, psychology). Quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods approaches are used in our work and we deliver courses in quantitative and qualitative methodological areas. This allows a broad understanding of the contribution that academics make to research and teaching across the university in a diversity of fields. As a school we attract a wide range of funding, including ARC, NHMRC, governmental, non-governmental, philanthropic and teaching income, allowing good insights to the funding challenges faced by a variety of areas in the university and a good understanding of strategies that need to be applied across the university to diversify our funding. Our school is heavily engaged in research and policy-related work and is newly embarking on a scaling up of teaching programmes. As such, we are a comprehensive school that contributes to all of the pillars of the university. Our college is making great strides in terms of improving gender equity and I will be particularly interested in pursuing a stronger emphasis on equity and diversity across the university.