Election to Council of a Dean or Research School Head

Returning Officer's report

The 2016 election of a member of Council by the Deans and Research Schools Heads was held in accordance with the Australian National University Act 1991, the Council (Elections) Statute 2016, the Council (Elections) Rule 2016 and the Council (Elections) Order 2016 (No.2).

A meeting was held on Thursday 1 September 2016 at 2:00pm in the Mills Room, Chancelry Building, for the purposes of conducting the election.

One candidate was nominated for the position. The candidate and their nominators were checked against the roll of electors. The nomination was in order. The candidate was Professor Catherine Waldby.

I am satisfied that the election process undertaken by the Australian National University has been conducted according to the relevant legislation.

As there was only one nomination, and with the consent of the meeting, I declared Professor Catherine Waldby elected.

Andrew Heath
Returning Officer
1 September 2016