Election to Academic Board of members of the academic staff from College Executive Committees

Election of academic staff from among the membership of College Executive Committees

The current terms of the four members of Academic Board who hold positions under the category of "academic staff elected from among the membership of the College Executive Committees of the ANU Colleges, not being the Dean of a College", are due to expire on 1 May 2016.

A call for nominations was circulated by the Corporate Governance and Risk Office on 25 February 2016 directly to the eligible candidates.  For more information please contact the Academic Board Secretary.

At the close on nominations on 11 March 2016, five nominations were received.

Please note - the ballot for this position is no longer necessary.  One candidate has decided to withdraw their nomination.  The online voting will now be closed off. 

As the number of nominations now does not exceed the number of positions to be filled, the following have been declared elected

:Professor Thushara Abhayapala

Professor Archie Clements

Dr Royston Gustavson

Dr Bronwen Whiting


For the purpose of this election, a candidate or a person eligible to vote under this Division must hold a position mentioned in the 'Academic Board (Election of Members) Order 2015'.

As per the Academic Board and Committees Rules 2014, for the purposes of electing members from College Executive Committees, College Deans may not be nominated but may nominate an eligible person and may vote in the election.

For further information about this process please contact the Academic Board Secretary.