Dr Esther Rajendran

ANU College of Health & Medicine

Esther Rajendran is an early career researcher at the Research School of Biology. She received a bachelor's degree in Medical Sciences with Honours from The Australian National University in 2010. She went on to continue her research in parasite biochemistry at the Research School of Biology, ANU and was awarded a PhD in 2015. During her postgraduate studies, Esther actively contributed to student experience and work place safety as elected student representative in several college administrative committees. She also played an active role in improving residential student experience as academic advisor at Fenner Hall alongside being an active member of the SIGN mentoring program.

Esther's current research interest in medical microbiology places her as a post-doctoral researcher in the lab of Giel van Dooren at the Research School of Biology. She dedicates a significant amount of time to teaching, both locally and internationally and is passionate about science outreach. Esther is an active member of the Research School of Biology Early/Mid Career Researcher (EMCR) committee. Her interests include EMCR professional development, teaching and gender equality. She represents the EMCRs in the College of Medicine, Biology and Environment.