Associate Professor Lorrae van Kerkoff

ANU College of Health & Medicine

Lorrae van Kerkhoff is a Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow in the Fenner School of Environment and Society. Her research examines the role of science in decision making in biodiversity conservation and climate adaptation, supported by national and international grants. Lorrae teaches across all three years of the undergraduate curriculum and postgraduate courses, and supervises Honours and PhD students. She is highly engaged at all levels of teaching and learning, and has published peer-reviewed research based on her innovative pedagogical approaches. She has received College-level awards for her contributions to education, ANU Top Supervisor awards, and School-level student nominated awards.  Lorrae convenes two degree programs, is an experienced advisor to incoming students, and is a member of the CMBE Early Career Academic Development Committee.

Lorrae will approach a position on Academic Board as an opportunity to strengthen links between ANU policy and academic practice. She will consult widely throughout CMBE to connect her own experience of research, teaching and supervision with that of others across the College, and bring practical insights to Academic Board. Her goal is to foster a university-wide culture of continual improvement in academic practice, supported by enabling policy.