Roll of honour

ANU recognises the exceptional scholarship, citizenship or services of our friends, partners and mentors. The University also bestows emeritus and honorary titles on staff and supporters who have contributed notably to the University.

Emeritus Fellows

Emeritus Fellows are distinguished staff members (academic and general) who have not been Professors but who are deemed to have made a distinguished contribution to the University deserving of recognition.
  • John Douglas Fitz Gerald (1980–2011)
  • Robert Gingold (1981–2007)
  • Ronald James May (1972–2004)
  • Colin Robert Steele (1976–2003)
  • Dr David Christopher Happold (1976–1997)

Honorary University Fellows

Honorary University Fellows are people who have not been staff members but who are deemed to have given significant meritorious service to the University.
  • Ian Francis Grigg

Honorary graduates

Here you can browse through our list of honorary graduates and learn about their distinguished achievements.

Award key

  • HonLittD: Honorary Doctor of Letters
  • HonMA: Honorary Master of Arts
  • HonLLD: Honorary Doctor of Laws
  • HonMSc: Honorary Master of Science
  • HonDSc: Honorary Doctor of Science
  • HonDUniv: Honorary Doctor of the University


    Ross Gregory Garnaut AO HonLittD


    Marika HonLittD
    Alain Aspect HonDSc


    Ku-Taek Lee AC HonDSc
    Kuan Yew Lee HonLLD
    Claus Offe HonLittD


    James Fulton Muir AO HonDUniv
    Elizabeth Anne Reid AO HonLittD


    Timothy Andrew Fischer AC HonLittD


    Peter Erne Baume AC HonDUniv
    Barry Owen Jones AO HonLittD
    Michael Donald Kirby AC HonLLD
    Iwao Nakatani HonLLD
    Néstor Edgardo Stancanelli HonLLD
    Kian Wie Thee HonLittD


    Neal Blewett AC HonLLD


    Choong Kong Cheong HonDSc


    Robert John O'Neill AO HonLittD
    Bernhard Hermann Neuman AC HonDSc


    Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela HonLLD


    Dr Jack Gordon Beale HonLLD
    James Sinclair HonLittD
    Malcolm Mearnes HonMA
    Sheikh Hasina HonLLD
    John Simpson HonLittD


    Professor Carole Pateman HonLittD
    Gaishi Hiraiwa HonLLD


    Professor Ian Ross AO HonLLD
    Robyn Williams HonLLD
    Mr Raymond Whitrod HonLLD