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The majority of BACKLIGHT movies are produced in "slow light scenarios" similar to Gamow's classic "Mr Tompkins in Wonderland" - where the speed of light is reduced to a crawl. In our case, we adopt a velocity of 5ms-1.

The movies on this page all appear in the SEEING RELATIVITY Video.

If the movies do not appear, you may be using an older browser which does not support embedded MPEG movies. In this case, use the hyperlinks uder each movie to download them.

WARNING: This page contains a number of MPEG-1 encoded movies, each of approximately half a megabyte. This page will take a long time to load, even over a fast connection. To cease the automatic download of the movies, click STOP, then use the Download links under each movie to download a selection. Where a movie is showing, right-click (or shift-click) to save it. If there are any problems, contact Antony Searle.




Download Flicker.mpg

A flickering streetlight allows us to see the effects of time-delayed sight.




Download Flash.mpg

A flash photograph produces an expanding shell of light, which we can see progress through the interior of a tram.




Download Onoff.mpg

Switching a streetlamp on an off also results in an expanding pool of light, but when combined with time delay, the parts of the scene illuminated first are not the parts of the scene that we see first.




Download Tram_fast.mpg

A tram passes by at 0.866c (4.3 ms-1).




Download Tram_through.mpg

We go through the tram, and extreme distortion is observed.




Download Tram_bright.mpg

Travelling with the tram at 0.9c (4.5 ms-1), we can see the extreme headlight effect.




Download Tram_Doppler.mpg

Travelling with the tram at 0.1c (0.5 ms-1), we can see the Doppler effect, causing the green streetlamps to appear blue ahead of the tram, and red behind it.




Download Mercator.mpg

Using a mercator projection to see all around us, we accelerate along a street.

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