Deleuze, Guattari and the
Philosophy of Expression

Special issue of:

The Canadian Review of Comparative Literature
Revue Canadienne de Littérature Comparée

Brian Massumi, Guest Editor


1. Of Beauty and a Fist

"...everything which introduces doubt
about the position of mental images
and their relationship to one another..."

"Beauty: Machinic Repetition in the Age of Art," Melissa McMahon

"Beauty Lies in the Eye," Steven Shaviro

"Aesthetics: A Place I've Never Seen," Stephen O'Connell

"Queer Sites: Tools, Terrains, Theories," Fadi Abou-Rihan

2. The Superior Empiricism of the Human

"...everything which disrupts the
relationship between things and puts us in
touch with certain more acute states of mind..."

"Subjectless Subjectivities," Paul Bains

"A Bestiary of Territoriality and Expression: Poster Fish, Bower Birds, and Spiny Lobsters,"
     Gary Genosko

"Life on Mars? Faciality as a Research Diagram," Maria Angel

"Language, Literature, and the Nonhuman," Alan Bourassa

"Exposure: Pasolini in the Flesh," Michael Hardt

"Cruel: Antonin Artaud and Gilles Deleuze," Catherine Dale

3. Forces of Expression

"...everything which provokes confusion
without destroying the strength
of an emergent thought..."

"From Transference to the Aesthetic Paradigm. Interview with Félix Guattari,"
     Bracha Lichtenberg-Ettinger

"Trans-Subjective Transferential Borderspace," Bracha Lichtenberg-Ettinger

"Neo-Archaism," Mani Haghighi

"Diagram, Inscription, Sensation," Thomas Lamarre

"Sound Ideas," Aden Evens

"Putting the Virtual Back into VR," Andrew Murphie

Involutionary Afterword, Brian Massumi

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* Antonin Artaud, cited in Catherine Dale

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