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The Australian National University
Centre for Science and Engineering of Materials
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Introducing CSEM

The Centre for Science and Engineering of Materials (CSEM) is a 'virtual' Centre established:
- to facilitate interactions in materials science and engineering across departments and research schools in different disciplines;
- promote studies in materials science at ANU
- promote materials science

Why Materials Science? / CSEM's Organisation / Teaching

Why ANU?
Are you after a quality Bachelor of Science or Bachelor in Engineering specialising in materials?
Are you after a diverse range of exciting career options?
Do you want to link up with world-class researchers in the materials science field?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then the Australian National University (ANU) is for you. It offers you one of the best environments in Australia with a philosophy dedicated to the pursuit of scientific excellence.
In a report from the US Institute for Scientific Information, the ANU was ranked the top university in Australia for its demonstrated impact on scientific research and The Times Higher Education supplement in the UK recently bracketed the ANU with institutions such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and Sorbone (Paris).

The nexus between the teaching and research arms of the university, the Faculties of Science and Engineering and Information Technology, and the various Research Schools in the Institute of Advanced Studies, enriches our courses and research and gives our students some of the best facilities and opportunities in Australia.

Why Materials Science?
Materials science lies at the foundation of many areas including: forensics, bio-medical applications, aerospace materials, mathematical modeling, craft and design, chemical engineering, quantum physics, molecular genetics, robotics, building and art restoration - the list goes on.

Materials are the stuff of life and new materials are increasingly part of everyday objects as well as high-tech devices. The study of existing materials also has many important applications, for example in forensic investigation or in assessing the condition of materials in existing structures eg. aircraft or heritage buildings.

Materials science is an innovative and interdisciplinary area where you can combine your interests in a variety of fields of science and technology.
(For more information on the scope of materials science and engineering, visit CSEM's Scope of MSE page.)

CSEM's Organisation
CSEM has a Director (an ANU materials scientist actively involved in materials) research, an Administrative Officer and a Communications Officer who coordinate the Centre's promotion and communication activities.

A Consultative Committee provides CSEM with input from the various institutions that CSEM seeks to represent. The Committee also oversees the appointment of the Director.

CSEM has members from a wide variety of disciplines and locations across campus. These include:

Department of Chemistry
Department of Engineering
Department of Geology
Department of Physics

Institute of the Arts
Materials Workshops

Institute of Advanced Studies
Research School of Biological Sciences
Research School of Chemistry
Research School of Earth Sciences
John Curtin School of Medical Research
Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering

Many of CSEM's excellent materials scientists are based in the Faculties and offer courses in their own areas of specialisation. These courses form the core of the BSc program in materials. CSEM members based in the Institute of Advanced Studies also present specialist guest lectures, particularly in first year.

There are a variety of different 'streams' of study available to students interested in pursuing a career in this exciting and innovative field. For example, students wishing to enter the field of bio-medical engineering can combine their materials science study with strong biology and chemistry. The flexibility of the BSc Materials course and the unrivalled level of materials science mentors and facilities offered by ANU ensure that students interested in materials can construct an excellent interdisciplinary degree. A variety of Honours placements are available for students keen to progress to higher degrees in the area.

At the post-graduate level ANU has a wealth of excellent researchers who are keen to take on enthusiastic and talented young materials scientists at the Masters or PhD level.