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Module 2
Electronic Document Management

Lecturer: Mr Tom Worthington, Department of Computer Science, ANU, including contribution from National Archives of Australia on Designing and Implementing Record Keeping Systems (DIRKS).

Module Description: The Electronic Document Management course introduces two topics: metadata and data management (digital library, electronic document management). Use of the technology for practical e-commerce and e-publishing applications is emphasized using case studies and anecdotes drawing on the lecturer's experience.
Identifying steps that can be taken to accelerate the uptake of e-commerce by Australian small- and medium-sized enterprises, this course enables the participant to learn practical skills for incorporating e-commerce into their businesses.
Further information:

Structure: The course is 12 hours in total spread over 3 days with 4 teaching hours per day. The course will consist of 6 hours of lectures, 2 hours of practical classes, 2 hours of tutorials and 2 hours of assessment exercises.

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